Tiered Pricing

Camp Quest Colorado’s New Pricing Structure for the 2015 Sleepaway Camp

Tiered Pricing: Choose Your Registration Fee

Camp Quest Colorado is excited to announce a whole new way to pay for camp called Tiered Pricing. It is extremely important to us that families understand how it works before registering for camp. Please read the following information carefully and contact us with any questions you may have.

Camp Quest Colorado 2015 has 5 tiered prices for the exact same program. You choose the price that best suits your needs. There is no income verification, simply choose what you can best afford. The price you select does not impact your child’s camp experience in any way and all registration information will be kept confidential. Our goal with tiered pricing is for parents to pay what they can afford and what they feel Camp Quest Colorado is worth. By families choosing higher tiers they are directly supporting lower income children.

Tier 1. Camper Scholarship Application
Tier 2. $500
Tier 3. $600
Tier 4. $700
Tier 5. Name your price

Please be intentional when selecting your price option. Every child deserves Camp Quest.

Selecting Tier ONE: You would like to pay less than $500 by applying for a full or partial scholarship.

Selecting Tier TWO: This is our reduced cost, subsidized by tiers 4 & 5 as well as external fundraising by our board, founder and Camp Director.

Selecting Tier THREE: This option covers all the costs of our Camp Quest Colorado 2015 program.

Selecting Tier FOUR: Subsidizes great kids wanting a great camp experience.

Selecting Tier FIVE: You would like to see Camp Quest Colorado grow and flourish. You believe in our mission. Thank You! Name your price at over $700.

No matter what tier you choose, the camp experience will be exactly the same for every camper, and your fee selection will be kept confidential. Those who choose one of the top two tiers will receive a thank you letter of recognition along with a small gift from Camp Quest Colorado.

All monies collected go directly to our program and the camper’s experience. Our staff operate on a completely volunteer basis and choose to work hard for Camp Quest because we truly believe in the program.

“Every Child Deserves Camp Quest”

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Tom Kellogg, Founder
(303) 818-1638

Joel Van Egbert, Camp Director
(970) 389-5611


Happy Camping!

Tom & Joel