About Camp Quest

What is Camp Quest?

tour_of_campus_12_20140226_1256303750Camp Quest is the first residential summer camp in the history of the United States for the children of Atheists, Freethinkers, Secular Humanists, Humanists, Brights, or whatever other terms might be applied to those who hold to a naturalistic, not supernatural world view.

tour_of_campus_14_20140226_1495750925Camp Quest was started in 1996 by Edwin Kagin as a project of the Free Inquiry Group, Inc. (FIG) of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. It is now operated by Camp Quest, Inc. a non-profit Kentucky Corporation with a board of directors drawn from leaders of various organizations which share the goals of Camp Quest. Camp Quest is its own organization, and while endorsed by several organizations and groups, it is neither owned nor controlled by any group other than Camp Quest, Inc.

KeystoneScienceSchool1_Jack-AffleckCamp Quest of Colorado, Inc., formed in 2013, continues that tradition, and is eager to help our future leaders connect in a place where it is okay to not believe in gods or supernatural things.  Camp Quest of Colorado, Inc. is an independent not-for-profit corporation, and has no affiliation with any other organization.

The staff of Camp Quest is composed of volunteers. No staff is paid. They get to camp on their own, and are provided with room and board while at camp. Contributions are sought and welcomed.

Camp Quest Mission Statement:

kma_1_20121024_1919258106Camp Quest’s purpose is to provide children of irreligious parents with a residential summer camp, dedicated to improving the human condition through rational inquiry, critical and creative thinking, scientific method, self-respect, ethics, competency, democracy, free speech, and the separation of religion and government guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.

At Camp Quest, there are two invisible unicorns.

This is a matter accepted as absolute, and the denial of this truth is viewed as heresy or blasphemy and has been the grounds for mock trials.

The unicorns cannot be seen, touched, tasted, smelled, or heard. They cannot fly, and they cannot leave the camp grounds. They leave no tracks or droppings. One can walk right through them. They cannot hurt anyone.

We know they are there because we have faith that they are there. And what is proof worth when confronted with faith? All of our ancestors have believed they are there.

There is a great book which speaks of them, but the book is far too holy to be seen or read by anyone.

Of course there is a reason, or reasons, there are two of them. This reason is not known, but is a proper topic for speculation. One cannot speak of their color or shape or of any other information which might be obtained by the senses, for such is the nature of invisible creatures. They cannot take physical form or reveal themselves in any physical manner at all.

A “godless” one hundred dollar ($100) bill, without “in god we trust” on it, is offered for any camper who can “prove” that the two invisible unicorns are not there.

Since 1996, the prize remains unclaimed